Case Studies - Warehouse Industrial Heating

Providing crucial heating solutions at a remote construction site

A large commercial facility in the outskirts of a large metro required critical heating to keep the project running during the cold winter months. The large open space required multiple heating equipment for ground thawing, concrete curing, heating hoardings and keeping workers warm.

At one point, the project had 30 heaters on site. The large equipment footprint led to clutter and a string of safety concerns. Moreover, this led to a high fuel usage, frequent needs for the heaters to be taken offline for refueling and service.

As the next winter approached, the contractor felt a severe need to reduce equipment footprint and declutter the site. The contractor approached Cahill to provide a more effective heating solution. Cahill replaced the 30 heaters on site with 14 CH15HS units which feature the patented JetHeat technology. Although fewer in number, the Cahill heaters, with fans that produce 20" of static, were able to heat the space more effectively by using split duct streams to deliver air even to the remotest corners of the site.

The timely switch to Cahill for heating solutions saved the customer time and money. With a reduction in the number of heaters on site, the contractor realized huge fuel savings. The site was effectively decluttered eliminating safety concerns that existed prior. The comparison of heating technologies and fuel cost savings is presented below.

Comparison of heating solutions

  Competitor Cahill
Heaters Needed 30 14
Number of hours run 81,000 37,800
Total Fuel Consumed in gallons 688,500 196,560
Fuel Cost in Dollars $1,721,250 $491,400
  Fuel Cost Savings with Cahill - $1,229,850

Fuel Cost in Dollars

Fuel Cost graph

Total Fuel Consumed in Gallons

Fuel Consumed graph

A schematic representation of a warehouse with Cahill Heaters (top) vs competitive heaters (bottom).

Warehouse with Cahill Heaters
Warehouse with Comptitor Heaters