Temporary Heating for the Paint and Coatings Industry

The Cahill CH15MS for Painting and Coatings
Heating for Painting and Coatings

Maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment for your large industrial painting or coating project is a major contributing factor to the success of the venture. Procuring a quality, durable industrial heater is a must. Cahill Heating Rentals are proud to introduce our CH15MS heater - the perfect industrial heater for the painting and coatings industry.

The CH15MS is an industrial heater that uses patented magnetic technology to produce flameless heat and also features a thermostat, that allows you to set the temperature and CFM output allowing you to achieve a perfect cure every time.

It features up to 240°F temperature rise that is capable of being used in extreme weather conditions. With a high CFM output, it facilitates frequent air changes and dry air that does not create a humidity rise thereby helping maintain ideal environmental conditions to achieve a perfect cure. In addition to shortening curing time, this also eliminates the threat of having to rework on the coating.

The CH15MS also has a low fuel shutdown that eliminates having to prime the engine, on top of only needing regular maintenance every 500 hours. The quick removal system allows the cabinet to replaced in under 10 minutes, and all preventative maintenance is done from a single door with both feet on the ground. Its simple yet innovative design makes temperature setting and monitoring easy.

Applications include tank coating and curing, deicing and surface preparation, flood clean-up, pipeline heating and drying, and more.

Cahill Heating is your premiere source for portable industrial flameless heaters. The CH15MS is part of our fleet of industrial heaters that work best in any large-scale industrial job sites - including painting and coating projects. Contact Cahill Heating Rentals 1.888.356.1880 today.

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