Pipeline Heating – For Cold Weather Work

Canadians are tough and there are none tougher than those working in the oil and gas industry; often facing inclement weather while working in the elements. The right equipment is necessary to protect your employees as well as the equipment they are working on.

For companies working in Canada and the US, portable heaters are a must-have item as temperatures hover at and well below the freezing point. There are several options available to contractors working in the oil and gas industry to keep employees and equipment warm in cold-weather. Cahill's innovative technologies lead in fuel savings, CFM, and efficiency!

Fortunately, Cahill Heating is here to serve the Oil and Gas Industry. Formed in 2015 with more than 100 customers today across Canada and the US, Cahill Heating provides the safest and most cost effective heating solutions available. Our proven flameless technology meets the needs of the most demanding environments including petrochemical, refining, upgrading, and mining operations.

Cahill Heating's flameless industrial heating solutions could be used for:

  • Wellsite heating
  • De-Icing
  • Temporary Facilities Heating
  • Industrial Climate Control
  • Ground Thawing
  • Freeze Protection
  • Pipeline Thermal Expansion
  • Concrete Curing
  • Equipment & Pipe Thawing

When choosing the right product, oil and gas companies need to evaluate their site location for accessibility, heat requirements, safety features, reliability, fueling, and service maintenance schedules.

Portable heaters work quickly and often reach their maintain temperature within 10 minutes. Our flameless heaters deliver the safest source of high volume, high static heat, while operating with the highest levels of fuel efficiency available on the market today.

Patented technology, high static blowers, and Cahill Heating's remote temperature control system ensure you get the temperature you desire even under the most extreme conditions. There is simply no better total project cost solution than Cahill Heating for all your heating needs.

Snubbing Stack Heating – the stack is covered with a tarp, delivering high volumes of heat from up to 250 feet away to heat equipment, hydraulic lines, and crew.

Heat Multiple Wellheads from a Single Heater - High static volume of air able to be delivered through Y's and hundreds of feet of flex duct to heat multiple well heads and BOPs.

Thaw / De-Ice Site Equipment - Use high volume, safe, flameless heat to unfreeze frac equipment, coil reel, crane masts or water pumps under the most extreme conditions.

If you're looking for portable heating solutions or simply have questions about our products and services in Canada and the US, contact Cahill Heating at 1-888-356-1880 today.

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