Cahill Hybrid Light Tower

Solar Powered and Diesel Powered Lighting Tower

The Cahill Hybrid LT is a solar powered light tower combined with a Kubota Diesel powered DC Generator. With an extremely low fuel consumption, the Cahill Light Tower will run up to 35 days before refueling.

The Cahill Light Tower also requires fewer refueling visits and oil changes compared to a conventional light tower, leading to lower operational costs and maximizing uptime.

The DSE 3G web interface + GPS module allows for real-time remote monitoring and operation.

Lighting Tower - Hybrid Powered
Cahill Lighting Tower


  • Hybrid technology combines solar power and DC Generator
  • Virtually no CO2 emission
  • Eco-friendly integral spill containment (120%)
  • Less than 80 decibels with generator running
  • LED12V/24V tail-lights EC/DOT approved
  • 6 – 8 hours of LED operation on battery bank only
  • Galvanized steel MIG welded trailer construction
  • Compact design is easily maneuverable during transport and takes up less space when stored
  • 4 outriggers with stabilizing jacks

Lighting Tower - cost chart


  • Construction Lighting
  • Gas, oil and mining operations (explosion safe)
  • Yard and work site lighting
  • Lighting for rural and hard to reach areas

Technical Data

Lights 4 x 100 W at 68,000 lumen each
Engine 12.7 HP, 2-cylinder diesel
Fuel Consumption 2.27 lph or 0.6 gph
Tank Capacity 120 Litre or 31.7 gallons
Spill containment 120%
Noise level Less than 80 decibels
Construction Material Galvanized steel
Mast Height 7.8 m (approximately)
Weight 820Kg trailer with parking-brake
Dimensions 9' 2"(L) x 4' 5"(W)x 7’10” (H)

Lighting Tower - with tower retracted
Lighting Tower - with tower extended

Additional Features

  • DSE 3G web interface + GPS module for real-time remote monitoring and operation
  • Winter package (diesel heater for coolant)
  • Emergency stop switch mounted on outside
  • Overspeed air intake D-valve + spark arrestor (oil & gas, mining specs)
  • Automatic day/night sensors for efficient operation
  • Block heater plug 110Vac 400Watt 30mm plug Kubota
  • Battery isolator switch + Lockable cover mounted on outside
  • Starter isolator switch + Lockable cover mounted on outside

Manufacturer Information

Verdegro logo

Cahill's Hybrid Light towers are manufactured by Verdegro Group located at Munnikenheiweg 59 4879 NE Etten Leur, The Netherlands.

Cahill is the exclusive distributor of the Verdegro Light Towers in the USA.

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