JetHeat - Lunch and Learn

Cahill Specialty Sales presented JetHeat at AGC Lunch and Learn
The Cahill Specialty Sales team presented JetHeat at AGC Lunch and Learn

SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN - The Cahill team presented real world case studies of JetHeat units being used in the construction industry to a group of Detroit area construction industry leaders. The JetHeat units have performance capabilities unmatched in the industry and deliver outstanding fuel economy all while minimizing the carbon footprint of the construction site itself.

Below is the brief from the AGC invitation:

"The construction industry is all about deadlines and cold weather doesn't need to prevent work from continuing. AGC-member, JetHeat, manufactures an incredibly efficient jet engine heater that will keep your projects on track when conditions are a challenge due to extreme temperatures."

"Many contractors are using the JetHeat heater and to introduce this creative patented technology to more contractors a Lunch & Learn was held on Thursday, February 16, 2017 at Meriwether's Restaurant, 25485 Telegraph Rd. in Southfield, MI."

The JetHeat engine is designed from the ground up and optimized for heating. The unit is fuel efficient, gets to full output in seconds, can deliver hot breathable air hundreds of feet through ducting and produces over 5000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of hot air from the core unit weighing only 275 lbs.

At the Lunch & learn JetHeat presented an overview of how the JetHeat units work as well reviewing the most effective construction applications. After the presentation JetHeat did a live demo that introduced attendees to the amazing features of the jet engine heater.

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