Industrial Heater with Lighting Tower

Lighting Tower for Industrial Heaters

Cahill adds Hybrid Light Towers to fleet

The latest addition to Cahill’s rental fleet is the Cahill hybrid Light Tower. The hybrid light tower combines solar power with a diesel engine to illuminate job sites in a safe, fuel-efficient way. Unlike conventional light towers, the hybrid light towers can operate on a continuous basis for up to 30 days. This reduces chances of accidents, spills and reduces the need for frequent refueling.

Some Cahill customers who have already added the light towers to their sight have expressed delight and satisfaction. Cahill will aim to provide its top notch customer service to customers renting the hybrid light towers.

Manufacturer Information

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Cahill's Hybrid Light towers are manufactured by Verdegro Group located at Munnikenheiweg 59 4879 NE Etten Leur, The Netherlands.

Cahill is the exclusive distributor of the Verdegro Light Towers in the USA.

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