Downtime reduction case study

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A large construction company in western Canada was working on a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure project in a remote part of British Columbia. The rapidly changing weather with long spells of snowfall posed a severe threat to the progress of the construction. To get through critical construction stages such as concrete pouring and shotcreting, they needed access to reliable heating solutions.


The contractors approached Cahill to develop a total project heating plan with a special focus on downtime reduction. To ensure that the construction was not delayed, it was important that the heaters' uptime was maximized.

Cahill mobilized a fleet of portable flameless heaters to the site and built a custom service plan to guarantee the least downtime. The service plan entailed the rotational deployment of trained service technicians on site to set up equipment as needed, perform proactive service checks on a regular basis and respond immediately to any failures or issues on site.

Over the entire heating season, the Cahill technicians were able to respond to all requirements by the customer, diagnose potential problems and fix issues on the spot. By having an inventory of essential parts on site, and the unique construction of the Cahill JetHeat product which allows any part on the unit to be replaced in under two hours, uptime is maximized for the customer.


Industrial Heater - chart uptime vs downtime

Cahill's flexibility with on-site service options resulted in an extremely sharp reduction in downtime. Cahill's heaters ran for a combined total of approximately 30,000 hours and had to be taken offline only a handful of times.

Using data from remote monitoring software, the combined downtime of the Cahill heaters was calculated to be around 0.38% and the customer experienced no issues with quality of work on the site due to lack of heat even on the most extreme temperatures down to -40F°.

By virtue of meeting its service promise, Cahill was able to alleviate the customer's burden by virtually eliminating downtime and helping them continue construction throughout the winter.

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