Ground Thaw Heating Case Study

A reputed construction contractor was facing a major challenge thawing ground in freezing temperatures. The technology used, high labor requirement and time taken to thaw all proved to be factors that contributed to delays and cost overruns.

The traditional ground thaw heaters that the contractor used required an extensive amount of time to thaw out the frozen ground. With multiple heating lines taking a lot of space and manpower, these heaters led to massive delays.

Moreover, the quality of the ground thaw was subpar and oftentimes left behind a wet, muddy mess that was not conducive to progress. With a long winter ahead and under pressure to meet deadlines, the contractor turned to Cahill heating for a solution.

Ground thaw with an industrial portable heater

Cahill’s technology team assessed the situation and recommended a novel approach to ground thawing using Cahill’s patented CH15HS flameless heater. In stark contrast to the traditional ground thaw heaters, Cahill’s flameless technology was much easier to use.

Flexible ducting and tarps replaced the glycol heating lines. The replacement meant that larger areas were thawed out in a shorter amount of time.

Cahill’s CH15HS Jet Heaters required just one operator and the convective heating solution left the thawed ground dry with no mess.

The timely switch to Cahill's flameless technology led to massive cost savings achieved via low labor requirement and a faster ground thawing process. The contractor avoided contractual penalties due to delays.

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Ground thaw with an industrial portable heater