Glycol Heater

Cahill Glycol Heater

Cahill Glycol Heater

Cahill Glycol Heater

  • Ground Thawing
  • Cold Weather Concrete Warming / Curing
  • Pre Pour Warming
  • Ground Frost Prevention
  • Freeze Protection


Weight 8,295 lbs. (3,763 kg)
(with Genset, fully fueled)
Length 178.5 in. (453 cm)
Width 96 in. (244 cm)
Height 91 in. (231 cm)
Tongue Weight: 1075 lbs (488 kg) (with Genset)
Fuel Capacity 170 Gallons (644 liters)
Fuel Requirements #1 Diesel Fuel
Fuel Consumption 1.75 GPH burner nozzle, 6.63 LPH without generator (at full operation)
Boilers One 280,000 Input BTU
Operating Temp 50°F – 190°F (10°C – 88°C)
Boiler Efficiency 87% (with fuel pre-heater)
Heat Transfer Fluid 80 US gallons (303 liters)
Heat Transfer Hose 3,000 ft. [4 x 750 ft.] x 5/8 in. ID, 914 m [4 x 288.6 m] x16 mm ID
Circulation Pump One 3/4 hp
Fill Pump One
Reserve Tank 15 gal. (57 liters)
Hose Reel Direct drive, high/low speed, (forward & reverse) Freewheeling out and in reverse with soft start & stop
Space Heating Up to 234,000 BTUs
Thaw Area Up to 6,000 sq. ft. (557 sq m)
Cure Area Up to 18,000 sq. ft. (1,672 sq m) (optimal conditions slab on grade)

Guard Against Contamination Spills

Safety sensors shut down equipment during a spill.

The heater is designed to hold 150% containment should an accident occur.

The Cahill Glycol unit can run uninterrupted with a fail safe back-up system.

The Glycol Heater is now available for rental, contact Cahill Heating Rentals 1.888.356.1880 or use our online form.