Fuel Costs for Temporary Industrial Heating

Fuel: The biggest cost driver

When it comes to portable industrial heating, the biggest expenditure is not the rental cost but the fuel cost. Fuel cost is the single biggest hidden cost that can drive up total project cost and cause budget overruns on large projects. In fact, fuel accounts for about 80% of the total expenditure on project heating costs in large projects.

Consider the example of a large project using 5 heaters over the course of a winter. An average heater consumes 7-9 gallons of diesel per hour and will burn close to 130,000 gallons of fuel on such a project. The total spending on fuel will amount to $414,000. In contrast, the total rental cost for the heaters will be around $110,000.

With fuel accounting for 78% of the expenditure and rental accounting for only 20%, contractors spend about four times on fuel than on the rental. It is therefore pertinent that contractors consider fuel consumption while evaluating their heating options.

Project Heating Cost Distribution

Temporary Industrial Heating Project Costs

How can Cahill help you save on project costs?

Fuel Cost Comparison

Temporary Industrial Heating Fuel Costs Comparison

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The crux of Cahill's technology is fuel efficiency. Cahill's heaters are developed to burn fuel with the highest levels of combustion efficiency which means for every gallon of fuel burned, more heat is produced than any other commercial heater on the market.

Cahill heaters are designed to consume between 2.6 and 5.3 gallons of diesel per hour. This translates into savings of more than $120,000 over the course of a heating season. In most cases, these savings alone are large enough to recover the rental costs.

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