Environmental Control Units

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A prominent coatings contractor was undertaking a tank coating operation in a midstream processing facility in Alberta, Canada. Tank coating, being a sensitive operation requires a high degree of precision. Unless ideal temperature and humidity are maintained, it would be near impossible to achieve an even coating. The contractor had 4 desiccant dehumidifiers on site but quickly realized that while they were able to maintain humidity, maintaining temperature and air flow. This led to rework, delay and a loss of time and revenue.

Requiring a technology that can address the issues related to temperature volatility and lack of air flow, the contactor turned to Cahill. The contractor replaced the 4 desiccant dehumidifiers on site with 2 Cahill Environmental Control units. Designed to function as a humidifier, and an air conditioner, the Cahill units enabled the contractor to thermostatically control temperature and maintain ambient conditions throughout the course of the coating process. Moreover, with fans that produce 10000 CFM, the environmental control unit also helped increase air flow which resulted in a quicker operation and instantly increased the comfort level of the workers.

Heating and Cooling Environmental Control Unit

The timely technology switch allowed the customer to not only eliminate the threat of rework but also helped them reduce equipment footprint, save on rental and fuel costs and save money. With the Cahill Environmental control units requiring far lesser maintenance, the contractor also reduced downtime drastically and saved on labor costs.