Industrial Environmental Control Solutions

Cahill offers environmental control solutions to help you protect your project from changing weather conditions. Regardless of the climate or the time of the year, the versatile unit will allow you to control temperature and humidity while performing crucial operations on construction or painting and coating projects.

Through a cyclic fridge drying process of heating and air conditioning, temperature and humidity can be effectively controlled based on the needs of the project. The simple and intuitive controls make the environmental control unit as easy to operate as a thermostat at home.

CH15HS Portable Flameless Industrial Heater for Wellhead and BOP Heating


  • Capable of producing 10,000 CFM with a high static pressure of 9"
  • Can be operated as an air conditioner, a heater or as a combination of both producing dehumidified air
  • Compact footprint
  • Capable of 100% outside air or recirculated air
  • Rugged design built for heavy industrial duty
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Corrosion resistant condenser coil guards.
  • Adjustable air flow

Specifications & Applications