Cahill COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan

Cahill remains committed to provide a safe, healthy, & secure workplace for all employees while delivering exceptional service to its customers. Since the onset of COVID-19, Cahill has continued to deliver our crucial services to our customers in the safest possible way by activating its Infectious Disease Safety Program in an effort to keep employees, customers, suppliers and visitors safe.

Although it has been a challenge, Cahill quickly implemented necessary precautions during the historic COVID-19 pandemic to keep customers’ businesses productive. Some measures of our safety program include:

  • Implementing basic infection prevention measures policy and procedure for prompt ID and isolation of sick employees
  • Extensive training of Cahill technicians on the COVID-19 virus and illness prevention behaviors
  • Establishing digital (no-touch) correspondence and document exchange with customers and vendors
  • Implementing recommended workplace controls to impede COVID-19 spread, as well as spraying rental units returned from customer sites with disinfectants and then quarantining the equipment for 5 days before performing turn-around services to prepare for next rental contract
  • Complying with customers’ procedures and workplace controls for disease prevention
  • Monitoring and updating/implementing policies and action plans based on CDC, CPH, OSHA, CCOHS and WHO recommendations, as well as information from other relevant sources

As a very small business with seasoned professionals who have routinely continued business operations during and after natural disasters, our business continuity plan includes proactively transitioning overhead functions to telecommuting and maintaining backup support in the event any member of the management team, finance, accounting, human resources, parts, and technical functions are not able to perform responsibilities. Our field service support team are expected to practice all wellness recommendations to remain healthy to support our customers. If the event a large percentage of any region becomes ill and cannot work, management has contingency plans in place to draw from other regions and/or country to provide backup support.

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