Case Studies - Construction Heating Case Study

The Challenge

A multi-story construction project in a major city having more than sixty floors required a dependable heating solution to stay on schedule. Sixteen floors in the middle of the building needed reliable heating for concrete curing and worker comfort. The building had no provisions to receive natural gas through risers, and lacking facilities to provide temporary power, running electric heaters was not an option.

City laws prevented the contractor from using propane-based heaters due to their unsafe nature and risk of explosion. Regulations dictated that carbon monoxide emission be less than 50 ppm.

The Solution

With sixteen floors requiring critical heat on a multi-million-dollar project heavily constrained by time, Cahill offered the perfect solution. The contractor rented four of Cahill's JetHeat GT1400 flameless heaters to have each heater heat multiple floors and get the job completed. These industrial heaters were able to distribute heat evenly through each floor by running temporary trunk lines and split ducting.

As the project was progressing smoothly the contractor faced another challenge - a few remote areas of the large construction project needed heat for surface preparation, painting and drying excess moisture. Needing localized heat, the contractor decided to rent Cahill's extremely portable standalone JetHeat GT1400 heaters. Small and durable, the contractor could easily move these flameless heaters through doorways to heat remote areas of the site, efficiently providing clean breathable dry air.

Cahill's JetHeat GT1400
Cahill's JetHeat GT1400

Cahill was able to deliver the necessary temporary heat to continue the project through completion without delays.


At a time when the coldest winter temperatures were recorded during the construction of this project, Cahill was able to deliver the necessary temporary heat to continue the project through completion without delays.

Cahill's industrial heaters helped the contractor decrease downtime, increase worker productivity and avoid contractual penalties. By being able to heat a total area of around 240,000 sq. feet across sixteen floors.

Needing no external power source and being capable of replacing multiple heaters using split ductwork, Cahill's JetHeat provided the best option.

Portable Heating Ducting
Portable Heating Split Ducting

Summary of Cost Benefits

Had competitive diesel heaters been used on the same project, the number of heaters needed to get the job done and the amount of fuel they would have consumed would have sharply driven up the project heating costs.

Here's a snapshot of the cost comparison between using a Cahill - JetHeat Heater and a competitive heater.

Cahill's JetHeat GT1400 Competitive Diesel Heater
Number of heaters needed 4 16
Fuel consumption per heater / hour 5.3 17
Total fuel consumed 21.2 272
Price of diesel per gallon $2.50 $2.50
Fuel cost per day $848.00 $10,880.00
Total project fuel cost $76,320.00 $979,200.00
Total Savings with Cahill $902,880.00
*Assumed run time : 16 hours a day for 90 days

With Cahill Heating Rentals the contractor was able to save almost a million dollars in project heating costs, proving again that Cahill is the best choice for multi-story construction projects.