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Safe breathable heated air for Tank Coating and Curing, Dehumidification and Deicing

Case Study - Tank Coating

Portable Heaters used to maintain a consistent ambient temperature in Tank Coating.
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Safe Breathable Air in a Confined Space.
Flameless Portable Heaters for contractors in freezing climates
The best heating technology available to ensure safe, quality work in the most extreme settings.

Cahill Heating provides the best heating technology available to ensure safe, quality work in the most extreme settings.

Cahill's flameless technology produces the highest volume of breathable dry air with high CFM to facilitate frequent air changes.

  • Breathable Safe Flameless Air in a Confined Space
    • Deliver hot air with the highest static pressure from up to 500' away from compressors and generators to ensure personnel and equipment safety.
  • Tank Coating and Curing
    • With our heater, you are guaranteed an even cure in shorter spans of time compared to traditional dehumidifiers.
  • Dehumidification
    • Control humidity under the most extreme conditions.
  • Deicing
    • Save time and money deicing your worksite with high volume dry air, ensuring the safest work environment for your team.

Environmental Control Solutions for Coatings and Paintings in all seasons

Cahill Environmental Control Unit
Cahill Environmental Control Unit

Cahill offers customized environmental control packages to enable you to carry on coatings and paintings throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. With our environmental control and dehumidification units, control temperature and humidity efficiently for long lasting coatings.

Environmental Control Unit

Our environmental control unit features an electric heater coupled with an air conditioner. With the environmental control unit, you are guaranteed project progress throughout the year regardless of changing ambient conditions. Through a cyclic fridge drying process of heating and air conditioning, temperature and humidity can be effectively controlled to shorten curing time and increase the longevity of the coating.


  • Can be operated as an air-conditioner, a heater or as a combination of both
  • Rugged design built for heavy industrial applications
  • Corrosion resistant condenser coil guards


  • Tank coating and curing
  • Steel structure and bridge painting
  • Temperature and humidity control for surface preparation
  • New Pipeline Coatings
  • Pipeline Integrity Digs
  • Hoarding Heat (where humidity needs to be controlled)
  • Vessel Coating
  • Ship repairs and coatings

Technical Specifications

  • Single Point Power Supply - 460V / 3PH / 60Hz
  • Connections - 4 Cam-Lok connectors
  • Cooling MCA - 72
  • Cooling MOCP - 100
  • Heating MCA - 118
  • Heating MOCP - 125
  • Dehumidification MCA - 170
  • Dehumidification MOCP - 200
Fan Performance
  • CFM - 10,000
  • TSP - 2.7
  • Motor HP - 15
  • Heating kW - 72
  • Stages - 2
  • Voltage - 480 / 3 / 60
  • Filter Size - (12) 12" x 24" x 2"
  • EFF. - 30%
  • Type - Pleated
  • Length (base) - 154" (12'-10")
  • Width - 101 1/2" (8'-5")
  • Height - 64.5" (5'-4.5")
  • Unit Weight - 4,600 lbs.