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Oil & Gas Heating Case Study

Oil & Gas Flameless Heating
Flameless Heating for the Oil & Gas Industry

A major oil and gas producer operating in one of the coldest parts of Canada was preparing to undertake several critical construction projects in the wintertime including curing concrete, coating pump stations and heating hoardings.

These operations needed a steady supply of heat and the heaters on site were just not effective enough to produce the required heat.

The customer noticed that the heaters left far too many cold spots and this presented a risk of not having enough critical heat, eventually leading to rework and potentially missing the plants targeted startup date. It was at this point that the customer decided to replace 14 of the competition's heaters with 7 of Cahill's CH15HS flameless industrial heaters. This created an instant impact by decluttering the customer's worksite.

The CH15HS industrial heater features the highest static pressure among all heaters in the market and is able to deliver safe, breathable, clean heat from hundreds of feet away using flexible ducting. The dry heat penetrated the workspace evenly leaving no cold spots. The customer noted this as a huge improvement from the technology previously used.

Our customer met their construction targeted milestones, went operational on time, and realized savings upwards of $800,000 over the course of the winter.

While pouring concrete, the Cahill CH15HS is able to cure larger areas at a faster rate, effectively helping the customer get ahead of the schedule. The pump station coating which is a very delicate operation needed to be done right the first time to avoid rework and lengthy delays. With technology designed to produce dry air without disturbing ambient conditions, our heaters nullified the threat of rework and even shortened the coating time.

Cahill's heaters feature a 110% fuel containment design to virtually eliminate the possibility of fuel leakages. This more than met the stringent oil and gas standards for safety and even eliminated the need for a fire watch.

Cahill's cold start feature produces heat instantaneously
Cahill's cold start feature produces heat instantaneously

On a winter season when the temperature consistently dropped below -40°F, Cahill's cold start feature and ability to produce heat instantaneously turned out to be the best bet for the customer. By reducing the number of heaters on site, eliminating downtime and providing critical heat where needed, our patented technology helps our customers stay on track.

Our customer met their construction targeted milestones, went operational on time, and realized savings upwards of $800,000 over the course of the winter.

Comparison of Heating Solutions and Summary

Competitor Cahill
Heaters NeededGroup of Competitor Heaters
14 heaters
Group of Cahill Heaters
7 heaters
Number of Hours Running26,97213,486
Total Fuel Consumed in Gallons250,84071,476
Fuel Cost in Dollars$877,938.60$250,135.60
Number of Refueling Visits3371,498
Cost of Refueling$50,572$224,756
Number of Service Visits269
Service Cost$18,880$3,146
Total Heating Cost$1,121,585$303,884
Cost Savings with Cahill$817,701