The BTU trap and its impact on heating costs

BTU is the most common commercial heater rating

By definition, BTU is a measure of energy required to increase the temperature of an area. When it comes to temporary heating, BTUs are units used to measure the amount of fuel needed to attain a certain temperature at the outlet of a heater. It is to be noted that BTU is not a measure of how much heat is produced.

Customers often fall prey to this trap.

The amount of heat produced is a function of an efficient engine. A heater with a higher BTU rating does not necessarily produce more heat than a heater with a lower BTU rating; it simply means that it consumes more fuel than the heater with the lower BTU rating.

BTUs do not account for heat loss

Heat loss which is a common problem with diesel engines occurs as a result of poor engine design.

While selecting a heater, a BTU rating should not be the only parameter to consider. A good heater is one that produces the most amount of heat per gallon of fuel burned. Among flameless heaters in its class, this distinction is held by JetHeat. Featuring a unique design, the JetHeat flameless heater operates with an efficiency of over 97%.

Graphic of Cahill heater lost BTUs in operation
Cahill Heater

Graphic of Competitor heater lost BTUs in operation
Competitor Heater

A better selection criterion for a customers should be fuel consumption. A lower fuel economy is a strong indicator of an efficient heater. JetHeat consumes only between 2.9 and 4.9 gallons of diesel per hour. For projects requiring the use of heaters for multiple days and weeks over the course of the winter, the cost savings can be substantial.

JetHeat is available for both purchase and rental. Visit us at or give us a call on 1-877-JETHEAT (1-877-538-4328) to learn more.

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