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Safety Standards and Training

Safety Inspected Temporary Heater
Safety Inspected Heater

Cahill Heating Rentals is committed to maintaining the highest of safety standards.

Every year new equipment is introduced to make our industry safer and help reduce cost. Cahill and JetHeat are bringing a series of safety talks and lunch and learns targeting Temporary Construction Heat.

Please take a moment to review some of the topics and if there is a topic that is not listed please contact Cahill Heating - - phone: 1.888.356.1880 and we can design a class to address your specific need.

  • What does a 21st century heating plan look like
    • New technologies
    • What is a Jet Heater?
      • How Can it save me money?
      • How can it make my jobsite safer?
      • Why is it a better system then what I have used in the past
  • Remote Monitoring
    • How analytics can be used to promote total job cost savings
  • Job Site Safety
    • Flameless heaters and fire code
    • Propane and Natural Gas
      • Leaks
      • Fire
      • Refueling
    • CO Emissions
    • Combustibles
  • How Fuel usage can destroy the budget
    • How to monitor and institute controls
  • Developing a Temporary Heat Plan
    • What is required
    • What is realistic
    • How to budget for Fuel
    • How the changes in the structure can affect the amount of heat needed
    • What is the best fuel source
      • Diesel
      • Propane / Natural Gas
        • Direct Fired
        • Indirect Fired
      • Electricity

We believe it is the right and expectation of every employee and their families to have them leave the job site safely at the end of each day. It is an active partnership between the management team and the employees to ensure the safety of themselves and co-workers.

All employees at Cahill Heating Rentals have completed their first aid training and certification as well as their WHMIS training.

We are COR certified as well as a member of ComplyWorks, ISNetworld and PICS.

Our management and employees work together to ensure that everyone is properly trained and following standard safety policies to achieve our goal of having ZERO lost time incidents. This helps ensure our flameless heaters safely bring heat to any application.