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"I would like to take a few moments to thank Cahill Heating Rentals for the supply and delivery of the JetHeat heating units. We had several brands of forced air heating devices on site and yours was the best. The units delivered the highest temperature of heat for the least amount of fuel consumed, to the point where it was taking two of the other brand units to match the heating requirements delivered by one JetHeat unit."

"The relatively small size and weight made them even more valuable to us where we had to hoist them to elevation with a crane. They were simple enough to operate after a quick orientation that any of our personnel on site could master them and when there was issues with the quality of the fuel causing them to lose performance the mechanics were readily available for phone consultations and site visits without a long waiting period."

"In closing we could not have met our heating requirements (in the dead of winter with -40 temperatures) without your heaters and assistance. We would not hesitate to use your equipment again if required."

Troy Werenka
Supreme Steel LP
Edmonton, Alberta

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"For our application, the JetHeat product was far superior to others: uniquely a high-volume/high-pressure air pump and an extremely fuel-efficient heater using approximately one-third to one-half the fuel by BTU compared to conventional indirect-vent heaters of similar BTU rating."

Douglas R. Graham
Alaska Pacific Coatings, Inc.
Fairbanks, AK


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