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Articles on Temporary Portable Industrial Heating

Reliable Industrial Heaters with Customized Service Support

August 28, 2019

Avoid Project Delays - Most project delays during wintertime operations can be attributed to equipment failure. Reliable heating equipment is... Read more »

The Durability and Endurance of Flameless Construction Heaters

April 30, 2019

Dust and debris are unfavorable byproducts of large construction projects. When heaters are used on construction projects, their performance and life are... Read more »

Fuel Costs for Temporary Industrial Heating

November 21, 2018

Fuel: The biggest cost driver

When it comes to portable industrial heating, the biggest expenditure is not the rental cost but the... Read more »

Diesel Price Hike Increases Impacts Temporary Heating Costs

October 18, 2018

How much does the increasing diesel price affect your project heating costs?

Over the course of the last 2 years, diesel prices have been on the rise steadily in North America. From $1.98 per gallon in February of 2016, the current price of diesel is... Read more »

Temporary Heating for the Paint and Coatings Industry

April 12, 2018

Maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment for your large industrial painting or coating project is a major contributing factor to the success of the venture. Procuring a quality, durable industrial heater is a must. Cahill Heating Rentals are proud to introduce our CH15MS heater - the perfect industrial heater for... Read more »

How to Choose Industrial Heater Rentals

January 24, 2018

At cold weather job sites, heater rentals are essential for projects to be finished and delivered on time. Companies depend on heater rentals to insure quality of construction, maintain a safe work environment and meet demanding schedules through the frigid weather months.
Here are some factors to consider before choosing a heater rental... Read more »

Oil & Gas Contractors

September 20, 2017

Oil & Gas contractors operate under budgetary constraints and time schedules which can be negatively impacted in wintertime. Halting or delaying work can lead to severe financial implications and contractors are usually required to maintain the highest safety standards, especially while using heating equipment. Having worked with oil and gas contractors across North America in the most severe environments, we have identified a set of important criteria contractors should consider while selecting temporary heaters. Read more »

Pipeline Heating – For Cold Weather Work

February 28, 2017

For companies working in Canada and the US, portable heaters are a must-have item as temperatures hover at and well below the freezing point. There are several options available to contractors working in the oil and gas industry to keep employees and equipment warm in cold-weather. Read more »