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Specialty Portable Flameless Heating Systems

Cahill Staff Team Members
The Cahill Team in Red Deer, Alberta

Drive Rental Corp was founded in 2012 to specialize exclusively in providing flameless heat with the most advanced technology to its customer base. Drive focused on identifying the most innovative technologies in the market place, which eliminate risk in critical areas bring breathable dry air in the safest possible manner. The unique flameless heat technologies used are very different, but solve the most demanding problems faces by industries under some of the most extreme conditions in the world. All that with the most responsive 24/7service offering in the temporary heating market.

Drive was acquired by Cahill Services www.cahillservices.com in June of 2016 to form Cahill Heating Rentals. The Cahill team brings over 100 years of specialty rental experience to this unique solution providing company. The powerful combination strives to bring the most advanced flameless heating solutions to the temporary heating marketplace with the unmatched service support of a team dedicated to this specialty.

Our Technology

Portable Industrial Heating
Portable Industrial Heating

Cahill Heating offers Flameless heat with two very different technologies, offering advantages based on your site needs.

Both technologies provide:
  • Instant heat with no additional power requirements
  • Easy mobility and high static fans to place equipment where you want it and still get heat where you need it, minimizing job site congestion
  • High capacity fuel tanks to minimize fueling (run times of over 24 hours)
  • Remote monitoring to ensure maximum uptime and the fastest 24/7 response


Our CH15HS combines a modified turbine engine with a highly sophisticated combustion chamber that provides:

  • 99+% efficiency of fuel consumption to heat delivery which is nearly 30% more efficient at peak load than any other available rental heater on the market
  • Delivers high volumes of air (5,600 CFM) at the highest static pressure available on the market at 20", delivering heat up to 250' away OR up from where the unit is placed

CH15MS and CH12MS

Our CH15MS and CH12MS heaters use a patented magnetic technology:

  • Able to load and unload efficiently from 100 - 0% based on discharge air temperature
  • Requires no operating fluids and minimal service requirements
  • Two sizes of units to fit the right heater for the right project heat needs with high volumes of air (7,200 and 4,200 CFM) and high static pressure (10" and 14") to deliver heat where you want it when you need it
Cahill CH15HS Portable Industrial Heating
CH15HS - A modified turbine engine with a highly sophisticated heating combustion chamber
Cahill CH15MS Portable Industrial Heating
CH15MS and CH12MS - Heaters use a patented magnetic technology

Total Project Cost Savings *

Cahill vs Competitors - Costs Comparison Chart
Cahill vs Competitors - Costs Comparison
Click on the image for a larger view)

The Cahill Heating flameless solutions provide you with the safest solutions and up to 65% savings on your total project cost.

While many customers focus on the rental cost, the actual biggest cost in temporary heat is fuel.

* Cost of one CH15HS versus equivalent number units required to deliver comparable heat capacity for one month

Serving Industries and Applications where Heat is Critical

Twin Portable Industrial Heaters
Cahill Portable Industrial Heaters
  • Major Construction (Oil Sands, Bridges, Major Facilities, Utility Power Plants)
    1. Hoarding
    2. Concrete Curing
    3. Vessel coating and completion
    4. Frost Prevention
  • Drilling and Completion
    1. Wellhead and BOP's
    2. Equipment heating
  • Facilities Maintenance and Turnaround Services
    1. Vessel and tower work
    2. Site heating
    3. Breathable air for enclosed spaces
    4. Warming tents
  • Pipeline
    1. Construction
    2. Ground Thaw

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Look to Cahill Heating to answer all your specialty flameless heating solutions. President Lance Wogelmuth as well as the entire Drive Rental Corp team have joined Cahill Heating to continue their same focus on innovative products and 24/7 support to make Cahill Heating the leader in flameless heat rental.

Make Cahill Heating / Drive Rental Corp a part of your team, 1-888-356-1880 or use our online form to put tomorrow's technology to work for you today.