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Cahill Heating offers some of the most innovative and efficient flameless heaters on the market.

Our goal at Cahill Heating is to have zero downtime while providing our customers with the most reliable, heat efficient, and technologically advanced flameless heaters available today!

Our Heaters provide significant savings to our end user. From our CH15HS creating heat at a 99.7% efficiency, to our CH12MS having 2500 hour regular service intervals, we are able to save our customers significant time and money through all aspects of the job!

Product Specifications

  CH15HS CH15MS CH12MS FlexTemp Electric
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Electric
CFM Based on 3rd party study 5,557 4,993 3,411 NA 5000
Static Pressure 20" 10" 14" NA 12"
Temperature Rise F 190 190 140 NA 190
Flameless Yes Yes Yes NA Yes
Fuel Consumption 3.2.- 5.2 gph 3.3- 5.2 gph 2.6 gph 1.75 gph
(without generator)
Fuel Capacity 220 Gallons 235 Gallons 120 Gallons 170 Gallons NA
Estimated run time full load 42 Hours 45 Hours 48 Hours 97 Hours NA
Trailer Unit Yes* Yes Yes Yes No
Towing Requirements 1/2 Ton 3/4 Ton 1/2 Ton 3/4 Ton Skid Mounted
CFM Output Control 3 Settings Thermostat 3 Settings NA Thermostat
Temperature Output Control 3 Settings Thermostat 3 Settings NA Thermostat
Spotlight Yes No Yes** No No
Air Re-Circulation No No Yes NA Yes
AC Power No No Yes No No
Internal Maintenance Light Yes No Yes Yes No
* CH15HS has standalone skid mounted option
** CH12MS has option for external light mast


The CH15HS uses the latest in micro turbine technology. Our CH15HS brings the most efficient heating technology and applies it to the Oil, Gas and Construction industries. The CH15HS provides the highest static pressure in the diesel flameless heater market. It also burns diesel at a 99.7% efficiency.

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The CH15MS is an industrial heater that uses patented heat generating technology. The unit is powered by a diesel engine that turns a blower, which then engages the heat generating equipment. The CH15MS is thermostatically controlled, allowing you to set the temperature and CFM output allowing you to achieve success in a variety of applications.

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The CH12MS uses the same patented heat generating technology as the CH15MS, but is designed for the smaller jobs, providing big heat with significant fuel savings over it's competition. The CH12MS has 3 different heat outputs, Low, Medium and High and consumes between 2.6 and 3.5 gph of diesel.

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The Flex Temp Fusion 3000 is one of the most impressive ground thaw units available today.

The Fusion 3000 is a portable hydronic system combined with multi-tasking proficiency. The 3000 has a 150% secondary containment to ensure that any accidental leaks or spills never leave the machine and end up on the ground of your site.

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Class 1, Div 1 Electric Flameless Heater

This Explosion Proof heater with Class 1, Div 1 certification can go directly inside the "hot zones". You can sit it right next to a well head or inside a live plant. This unit will eliminate fuel costs and deliver 100% breathable clean dry air.

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High strength fabric ducting in high pressure industrial applications, especially suitable in fire hazard locations.

Cahill Ducting and Accessories are high strength fabric products for portable heating in high pressure industrial applications (especially in fire hazard locations).

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