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Industrial Portable Heaters for Sale or Rent

Since our inception, Jet Heat and Cahill Specialty Sales has provided industries such as construction, commercial, oil and gas plus petrochemical refining durable flameless heaters using the latest technology. Our mission has been to provide the safest, most environmentally friendly and lowest overall project cost option to our customers.

If you need flameless heating technology for a long-term or numerous short term applications, purchasing from Jet Heat and Cahill Specialty Sales may provide a cost-effective alternative to renting.

To illustrate this Customer A has a project that will require them to provide temporary heat over two heating seasons. On a similar project, they used 9 Allmand Maxi- Heats from mid-November through April. Using the Jet Heat/Cahill project calculator they determined that 3 SA-M Jet Heaters would provide the same equivalent BTU's, reduce their fuel consumption and carbon footprint while still providing a self-contained diesel fuel option. After reviewing the overall 2-year project costs, the conclusion was that by purchasing, they would save over $500,000 compared to renting the Allmands. In addition, by purchasing they could ensure the equipment was what they needed and could deploy as needed.

For enquiries related to buying our equipment, contact Chris Martin - - Cell Phone: 919.397.2721

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GT 1400 Specifications & Features - All Models

  • Heat Output - 860,000 to 1.4 million BTUs equivalent
  • Fuel #1, #2 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or ULS Kerosene (any combination)
  • Fuel Consumption - 3.3 - 5.3 Gallons Per Hour
  • Thermal Efficiency - Over 95%
  • Air Flow - 3,900-7,200 CFM
  • Air Pressure - Up to .7 PSI (20" WC)
  • Air Quality - Less than 10 PPM CO & Odorless
  • Air Temperature - 145°F to 200°F Rise over inlet temperature
  • Three heat settings - HIGH: 5.3 GPH - MEDIUM: 4.2 GPH - LOW: 3.3 GPH
  • Microprocessor Controlled making it easy to operate through simple, intuitive control panel
  • Digital Control System that continuously monitors and optimizes the system automatically
  • Fail-safe Programming for improved operator safety
  • Onboard Diagnostic Software included
  • A Fully Self-contained System requiring no external power to operate
  • The Proprietary Catalyst Technology gives you increased thermal efficiency, very low emissions and delivers heated air to OSHA & NIOSH standards
  • 157 Degree Temperature Rise at 0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easily moves heat air long distances; up to 500 feet
  • Safety Features - electronic control system continuously monitors all parameters 200 times per second and can immediately shut down the system automatically if any faults are detected

JetHeat GT 1400 AP Enclosure (Trailer Mounted)

GT 1400 AP Enclosure (Trailer Mounted)

W 6' 2" x L 16' 9" x H 7' (with AP mounted on trailer)

Total weight, Trailer, Enclosure (zero fuel) = 4,020 Lbs.
Total weight, Trailer, Enclosure + 200 Gallons = 5,460 Lbs.

JetHeat GT 1400 AP (All Purpose) Enclosure

GT 1400 AP (All Purpose) Enclosure

W 32" x L 7' 6" x H 6' 5" Enclosure

Enclosure (Dry) = 2,470 Lbs.
Enclosure (Wet, 200 gallons of fuel) = 3,190 Lbs.

GT 1400 SA-M (Stand-Alone Module)

GT 1400 SA-M (Stand-Alone Module)

W 28" x L 72" x H 42"

400 lbs. (without Fuel)
20 Gallon integrated on-board fuel tank
Compact and self-contained rolling cart

Electric Explosion Proof Flameless Portable Heater

Explosion Proof Electric Industrial Heater

Class 1, Div 1 Electric Portable Flameless Heater

A Class 1, Div 1 electric flameless heater has been launched by Cahill Heating Rentals. This heater comes in a 30 amp or 100 amp set up and can run on 480 or 600 volt.

This Explosion Proof heater with Class 1, Div 1 certification can go directly inside the "hot zones". You can sit it right next to a well head or inside a live plant. This unit will eliminate fuel costs and deliver 100% breathable clean dry air.


  • CFM: 1400 - 10000 Output
  • Power Supply: 30 AMP 480/600 VOLT - 100 AMP 480/600 VOLT
  • 100% Breathable Air
  • Skid Mounted: Liftable From All Sides
  • Ducting Size: 8" 12" 16" Ducting Available
  • Quiet: Under 85 DBA
  • Quiet Dry Heat
  • Flameless Heating Solution
  • Class 1, Div 1 Explosion Proof
  • Can Re-circulate the Air


  • Ground Thaw
  • Construction
  • Class 1, Div 1
  • Temporary Site Heating
  • Frost Prevention System
  • Mod Yard Construction
  • Can be in a Live site

Actual performance varies with installation, configuration and environmental conditions.