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Cahill CH12MS Portable Heater
Cahill CH12MS Portable Heater


The CH12MS uses the same patented heat generating technology as the CH15MS, but is designed for the smaller jobs, providing big heat with significant fuel savings over it's competition.

The CH12MS has 3 different heat outputs, Low, Medium and High and consumes between 2.6 and 3.5 gph of diesel.


  • Output Duct: One 16" Output
  • Fuel Consumption: 2.6 GPH - 3.5 GPH
  • Fuel: ULSD
  • Fuel Capacity: 120 Gallons - 34 to 48 hours run time
  • Engine: Perkins 62 HP
  • CFM: Up to 4200
  • Air Recirculation Package
  • Built in AC Power
  • Three Different Heat Output Settings
  • Maintenance: Only regular maintenance is on the engine every 2500 hours
  • Service: All service on the ground with both feet on the ground - 14 gallons of extra oil, for prolonged oil changes, less maintenance equals less spills
  • Static Pressure: 14" WC
  • 10 LB Fire Extinguisher


  • Temporary Site Heating
  • Equipment Startup
  • Heating BOP's, Wellheads
  • Frost Prevention System
  • Gas Compressor Sites
  • Concrete Curing
  • New Building Construction
  • Steam-Line Pre-Heating
  • Pipeline Pre-Expansion
  • Thermal Conditioning
  • Tank, Vessel Coat Curing
  • Plant Start-up, Turnarounds
  • Flood Clean-up
  • Pipeline Heating, Drying

The CH12MS Portable Industrial Flameless Heater is now available for rental - contact Cahill Heating Rentals 1.888.356.1880 or use our online form.

Cahill CH12MS Portable Heater
Cahill CH12MS Portable Heating of Freighter