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Cahill Industrial Portable Heaters

  • Flameless Heat Technology
  • Safe, Breathable Air
  • Highest Volume - Highest Static Fans Available
  • Greater than 95% Efficiency - More Heat with Less Fuel
  • Reduce Project Costs and Emissions

Portable Flamesless Heater Rental for the Oilfield and Construction Industries

Flamesless Heating -Tomorrows Industrial Heating Solutions for today's heating applications across Western Canada

Flameless heating provides the safest solution to critical temporary industrial and construction applications. However, the solution is only effective if you can rely on dependable, tested and proven heating equipment that is backed by an unmatched level of service and support. The unquestionable leader is Cahill Heating.

Cahill's products have been developed to provide you with more hot air where you need it and when you need it most. High static blowers deliver the air to the point of most critical need. Patented technology ensures you get the temperature you desire even under the most extreme conditions. Our heaters have been independently tested as being the most fuel efficient flameless heaters available on the market today.

Our GPS monitoring system ensures rapid response and reliability in remote and challenging environments. Whether you need wellsite heating, industrial climate control, deicing applications, ground thawing, temporary facilities heating, freeze protection, pipeline thermal expansion, concrete curing or units for equipment and pipe thawing, turn to Cahill Heating for all your flameless industrial heating solutions.

There is simply no better total project cost solution than Cahill Heating for all your heating needs.

Industries Served

Heating for Construction


Cahill Heating provides major construction projects the most fuel efficient and effective heating technology on the market today. Our flameless heat technology provides dry, breathable air with the highest...
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Coatings Heating

Oil & Gas

Cahill Heating serves the oil and gas energy industry with heat under the most extenuating circumstances. Our flameless technology delivers the safest source of high volume, high static heat eliminating the risks.
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Heating for Petrochemical


Cahill Heating provides the safest and most cost effective heat available with proven flameless technology in the most demanding environments...
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Coatings Heaters


Cahill Heating provides the best heating technology available to ensure safe, quality work in the most extreme settings. Cahill's flameless technology produces the highest volume of breathable dry air...
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